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Information About Marketplace

What Happened with
In a sudden and unexpected turn of events, went offline either late on Thursday night, November 16th, or in the early hours of Friday, November 17th. Visitors to the site were met with a message stating the site was down for maintenance that persists to this day. This abrupt shutdown was not communicated to us, the sellers, in advance, and to date, there has been no explanation or communication from Jane about this occurrence. 

Adding to the uncertainty, Jane reportedly held an all-staff meeting where they laid off their entire workforce and locked their offices. This has left us, along with many other small businesses and customers, in a state of limbo without any direct information or guidance from Jane. 

This lack of communication and sudden disappearance of the platform is concerning, especially considering Jane's role in facilitating transactions between us and our customers. 

Here are a few articles you can read if you wish to learn more:
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KSL News's Closure Impact, the platform where we and other small businesses sold products, handled all customer payments, communications and notifications and did not pass your payments on to us or other vendors in recent times. This means we're unable to fulfill some orders or process returns and refunds for orders placed on Jane.

If You Paid but Haven't Received Your Order 
For orders placed on Jane that have not been received, we recommend reaching out to your financial institution for a chargeback/dispute or refund. Unfortunately, as Jane held all customer payments and did not forward them to us, we're unable to fulfill these orders.

If You've Returned a Product but Haven't Received a Refund 
If you've returned a product purchased through Jane and are awaiting a refund, we recommend reaching out to your financial institution for a chargeback/dispute or refund. Jane's shutdown means they will not process these refunds.

If You Want To Return a Product 
If you're looking to return a product purchased through Jane we recommend reaching out to your financial institution for a chargeback/dispute or refund, as Jane is no longer processing return and refunds.

Continuing to Serve You 
Despite these challenges, StyleLoveLiving remains committed to providing quality products and service. We invite you to shop directly with us at, where we continue to value and prioritize your satisfaction.

Our Promise to You 
We understand this situation has caused inconvenience and concern. Please know we are here to support you through this transition. If you have any questions or need assistance with anything related to our products or services, we're just an email  away.

A Plea for Understanding
In light of these unexpected developments we kindly ask for your understanding and support. As sellers, we were as blindsided by these events as you were. We had no prior knowledge, insight, or any means to anticipate the sudden shutdown of Jane. It's important to remember that the small businesses operating through, including ours, have been equally affected and are navigating this unforeseen situation with very limited information.

We understand the frustration and inconvenience this may cause you, especially concerning orders, returns, and refunds. However, we urge you to direct any concerns or efforts for accountability towards Jane. The individual sellers, who have long relied on as a trusted platform, are not responsible for its abrupt closure and the subsequent lack of communication.

As we all try to make sense of this situation, your support and understanding towards small businesses like ours are invaluable. 

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and continued support.